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    Move well and be strong in old age ;-)
  1. The big easy

    moving my online training to
  2. The big easy

    22-04 LC @2x16kg x36 LC @2x20kg x30 LC @2x24kg x24 LC @2x28kg x15 Swing @32kg x1min e.s, @28kg x1min e.s, @24kg x1min e.s Deficit Reverse lunge @45kg x9e.s 1 arm row @36kg x8e.s SQ @40kg x20, @50kg x20 A1 Hip thrust @35kg x15,15,15 A2 mace swings x20,20,20e.s
  3. The big easy

    19-04 LC @2x16kg @10 rpm x6 min LC @2x24kg @8rpm x3min LC @28kg @10rpm x6min, switch min S @36kg x1min e.s S @32kg x1min e.s S @28kg x1min e.s Def. Rev lunge @40kg x9e.s 1 arm row @36kg x10e.s BG bag, spins, arm throws, hindu push ups, crunches
  4. The big easy

    17-04 Spin bike HRI x15min Indian clubs x10 min Macebell x5min
  5. The big easy

    15-04 Trail run 30min Walk on the beach 20min Indian clubs 10 min
  6. Kettlebell Sport Danmark forbund og DM 2013

    About 40 people participated, results from the April cup are updated:
  7. The big easy

    Results from the April cup are to be found here:
  8. The big easy

    14-04 April Cup 5 min LC @2x24kg x46 reps
  9. The big easy

    11-04 LC @2x24kg x5 min @8rpm LC @2x28kg x1 min x8,8 Circuit x2 1 leg RDL @2x28kg x6,6 e.s Push up x15,15 Farmers walk @2x28kg x130 steps, @2x32kg x130 steps Thick rope Susp. Row x15,15 Med ball rotation throws @9kg x10,10 Crunch x25,25 1arm swing dropset @36,32,28kg x15,15,15 e.s
  10. The big easy

    09-04 Trail run x30min Indian clubs x15min
  11. The big easy

    08-04 LC intervals 1min on/1min off: @2x28kg x7,7,7,7 @2x24kg x10,10,10 felt like my heart was gonna explode... 1 arm swing dropset @28,24,20 x30,30,30 e.s A1 def rev lunge @40kg x6,6 e.s A2 1 arm row @34kg x10,10 e.s B1 squat @30kg x100 @20rpm Bar hang
  12. The big easy

    07-04 10min @EMM: SB C+P @25kg x5 10min @EMM: susp. thick rope rows x6, slam ball side to side wall throw x6
  13. The big easy

    05-04 [email protected] x3min @6rpm [email protected] x5min @8rpm Squat @17kg x100 1 arm row @36kg x9e.s Swing dropset @36,32,28kg x20 e.s
  14. The big easy

    04-04 Easy cardio day 3min: rope skip, deficit reverse lunges, Indian clubs x3 rounds (27min) Glove snatch @16kg x3min e.s Indian clubs x10min
  15. The big easy

    03-04 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] x5min @8rpm LC @2x20kg x5 min @8rpm Circuit x2 rounds 1leg RDL @2x26kg x9e.s Chin up x13,11 Push ups x20 Farmers walk @2x28kg x120 steps 1 arm swing dropset @28,24,20 (x25,25,25 e.s) Bar hang