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  1. The big easy

    It was time to start a log here as well... I decided to transfer my log across from For resten,Jeg kan godt læse dansk, men jeg er ringe til at skrive det... First goal: Nordland cup in June 2012, masters 1 division. First powerlifting comp ever, just to try something new. Set new Danish record in Squat and Deadlift in my division. Second goal: Kettlebell DM in OCtober 2012, at least 160 snatches with 24kg, 1 arm switch. Win my division. Starting off 2012 nice and easy. 02.01 Training at home 1 arm swing @16kg x200 ( 50+50+ 100 H2H) Wheel pikes x20 A1: Get up 1+1 @20,24,28,32kg A2: Deep straddle squats x5 @20,24,28,32kg 03.01 Warm up Squat @50kg x5 x2 sets Bench @50kg x5 x2 sets Farmers walk @55kg each hand x80m Cable face pull @50kg x15 Stretch 04.01 warm up bench @52,5kg x5 x2sets Deficit DL @110kg x5, @100kg x5 prowler 20m @80,120,120kg thick rope pulls x8 (x15m) stretch walk home 05.01 Warm up: swings, club drills, get up 1+1 up to 36kg Dead squat @60kg x5, @55kg x5 Bench @55kg x5, 50kg (ring chin ups x10, band pull aparts x30) FW x25m @55, 55, 60, 60kg each hand KB Snatch @20kg 1' e.s / 1swing + 1snatch 1'e.s/ 2swing + 1snatch 1' e.s Stretch Walk home 06.01 Warm up Bench @60kg x5, @55kg x5 (band pull aparts) Deficit DL warm up DL @115kg x5, @105kg x5 Prowler run low handles x20m @60kg every 1'30" x6 sets Face pulls @50kg x20 Stretch Walk home 08.01 Warm up: swings, fig 8, jori swings, med ball throws, deep stradle squat, get up to 34kg. Dead squat @65kg x5, @60kg x5 [email protected],5kg x5, @52,5kg x5 (cable facepulls @50kg 12x4) Farmers walk x25m @55, 65, 75, 70kg each hand Stretch Walk home 09.01 Warm up: rope skip, JM, club drills, KB fig 8, KB swing + snatch @20kg 2' each side A1: Bench @60kg x5, @55kg x5 A2: band pull aparts x10 Deficit DL up to 110kg DL @117,5kg (misloaded) x5, @110kg x5 Prowler run low handles x20m @70kg every 2' x6 sets Stretch Walk home 10.01 Warm up: rope skip 3', med ball throws 6 x2, deep straddle squat x5 up to 39kg, get up 1 e.s up to 39kg Dead squat @70kg x5, @65kg x5 A1 Bench @62,5kg x5, @57,5kg x5 (A2 cable face pull @55kg 8x 3) Farmers walk @55kg each hand x25m, @65kg each hand x25m, @60kg each hand x50m Power wheel pike x25, GHR x15 Stretch Walk home
  2. The big easy

    moving my online training to
  3. The big easy

    22-04 LC @2x16kg x36 LC @2x20kg x30 LC @2x24kg x24 LC @2x28kg x15 Swing @32kg x1min e.s, @28kg x1min e.s, @24kg x1min e.s Deficit Reverse lunge @45kg x9e.s 1 arm row @36kg x8e.s SQ @40kg x20, @50kg x20 A1 Hip thrust @35kg x15,15,15 A2 mace swings x20,20,20e.s
  4. The big easy

    19-04 LC @2x16kg @10 rpm x6 min LC @2x24kg @8rpm x3min LC @28kg @10rpm x6min, switch min S @36kg x1min e.s S @32kg x1min e.s S @28kg x1min e.s Def. Rev lunge @40kg x9e.s 1 arm row @36kg x10e.s BG bag, spins, arm throws, hindu push ups, crunches
  5. The big easy

    17-04 Spin bike HRI x15min Indian clubs x10 min Macebell x5min
  6. The big easy

    15-04 Trail run 30min Walk on the beach 20min Indian clubs 10 min
  7. Kettlebell Sport Danmark forbund og DM 2013

    Kettlebell Sport forbund blev oprettet i år og har indtil videre 65 medlemmer. Det burde det være en god DM i år! Konkurrencer i Danmark, resultater, rekorder... kan findes her
  8. Kettlebell Sport Danmark forbund og DM 2013

    About 40 people participated, results from the April cup are updated:
  9. The big easy

    Results from the April cup are to be found here:
  10. The big easy

    14-04 April Cup 5 min LC @2x24kg x46 reps
  11. The big easy

    11-04 LC @2x24kg x5 min @8rpm LC @2x28kg x1 min x8,8 Circuit x2 1 leg RDL @2x28kg x6,6 e.s Push up x15,15 Farmers walk @2x28kg x130 steps, @2x32kg x130 steps Thick rope Susp. Row x15,15 Med ball rotation throws @9kg x10,10 Crunch x25,25 1arm swing dropset @36,32,28kg x15,15,15 e.s
  12. The big easy

    09-04 Trail run x30min Indian clubs x15min
  13. The big easy

    08-04 LC intervals 1min on/1min off: @2x28kg x7,7,7,7 @2x24kg x10,10,10 felt like my heart was gonna explode... 1 arm swing dropset @28,24,20 x30,30,30 e.s A1 def rev lunge @40kg x6,6 e.s A2 1 arm row @34kg x10,10 e.s B1 squat @30kg x100 @20rpm Bar hang
  14. The big easy

    07-04 10min @EMM: SB C+P @25kg x5 10min @EMM: susp. thick rope rows x6, slam ball side to side wall throw x6
  15. The big easy

    05-04 [email protected] x3min @6rpm [email protected] x5min @8rpm Squat @17kg x100 1 arm row @36kg x9e.s Swing dropset @36,32,28kg x20 e.s
  16. The big easy

    04-04 Easy cardio day 3min: rope skip, deficit reverse lunges, Indian clubs x3 rounds (27min) Glove snatch @16kg x3min e.s Indian clubs x10min
  17. The big easy

    03-04 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] x5min @8rpm LC @2x20kg x5 min @8rpm Circuit x2 rounds 1leg RDL @2x26kg x9e.s Chin up x13,11 Push ups x20 Farmers walk @2x28kg x120 steps 1 arm swing dropset @28,24,20 (x25,25,25 e.s) Bar hang
  18. The big easy

    02-04 Run x15min Black LC with gloves @2x16kg x6min Snatch with gloves @16kg x2min e.s Bike HICT x15min Rope skip, run, walk x15min
  19. The big easy

    01-04 LC @2x24kg @6rpm x9 min 55reps Wanted 60 reps in 10 minutes but felt like it would have been a max effort, so I stopped at 55. This way it's still a PR and I can train again tomorrow ;-) Snatch @28kg x1min e.s Swing dropset @28,42,20,16 x20 reps each, e.s A1 Deficit reverse zercher lunge @35kg x6,6 e.s A2 1 arm row @34kg x9,9 e.s B1 GS jump squat @70kg x60 B2 hindu push ups x15 B3 mace swing x10 e.s Bar hang
  20. The big easy

    29-03 Indian clubs x1 hour 30-03 Decided to train at home and replaced the planned interval session by a repeated effort method, felt awesome! LC @2x16kg x20 LC @2x24kg x15 (@10 rpm)x5 sets Circuit x2 rounds A1 Straddle jump squat @16kg x30 A2 1 arm row @36kg x6e.s A3 BG bag spins @17kg x10 e.s Swing dropset @36,32,28,24kg (x15,15,15,15) e.s Bar hang
  21. The big easy

    28-03 Recovery cardio Run x10 min Spin bike HICT x20min
  22. The big easy

    27-03 LC 1min on/ 1min off , wave loading @2x20kg x12,12,12,12 @2x24kg x10,10,10 @2x28kg x7,7,7 Swing @28kg x1min e.s Circuit x2 rounds 1 leg RDL @2x24kg x9e.s Farmers walk @2x28kg x100 steps Chin ups x10 Push ups x15 Recovery cardio 10min Bar hang
  23. The big easy

    Away, work, no KB... 25-03 LC @2x24kg 1min on/1min off x8 @9rpm (HR last set: 180, +1min:136, +2min: 120, +3min:108) Swing @28kg x2min e.s A1 Def. Rev lunge @30kg x9,9 A2 1 arm row @32kg x9,9 B1 BG bag spin @17kg x5es, 5es B2 hindu push up Bar hang
  24. The big easy

    21-04 HRI on spin bike 12sec hard EMM for 15min
  25. The big easy

    20-04 LC @2x20kg x10 min x90 reps PR GS squats @70kg x65, 50 Circuit x2 1leg RDL @2x24kg x10e.s Suspended rope rows x10 Hindu push ups x10 Med ball rotation wall throw x10 Reverse crunch x15