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Thierry Sanchez

You thought you were strong and in good shape...

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Thierry, you do realize that doing 100+ reps in anything is not what most people associate with strength?

I fully appreciate the feat and that this requires brutal stamina, but i sometimes grow really tired with the "hardcore" attitude displayed by you and certain other members of the KB community. I'd like for the different strength sport subcultures to be able to learn from, rather than frown upon, each others. Trying to make it a pissing contest does not promote this.

and now that I'm at it, it's frequently considered bad netiquette to promote personal endeavours like blogs or companies on public parts of discussion fora (but not necessarily in personal parts, like in ones own log), especially for users that doesn't contribute that much to other parts of the the forum.

I don't mean to demean or disrespect you or anything like that - for all I know you're probably a stand-up guy. I just share my opinion on this with you..

By the way, good job on spreading the way of the balls of steel

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Fair enough call Incognito, but strength endurance is still a strength quality and stamina is conditionning. Just because " not what most people associate" does not make it true.

That guy is lifting his body weight overheard, 114 times, not setting the bells to the ground. It takes strength to do that, although it is not maximal strength we are dealing with. But look at the 114 reps as rest pause, 1 rep done 114 times, in 10 minutes. And the end, I am pretty sure he's recruiting all motor units, as in a maximal lift. Any maximal effort takes guts.

I actually don't promote a hardcore attitude to training with kettlebells, but find this athlete amazing. Sorry for the misunderstanding (OK, the title is maybe cheeky, but hell, this guy is brutal) , I am not putting down strong guys, frowning other athletes, or trying to tell anyone that my way of training is the best.

I am looking for athletes to come compete in kettlebell sport, as opposed to people who train with kettlebells. Looks like so far I have 10 for next year.

Being a new and obscure sport, if I don't talk about it, who will?

There is no blown out "android capacity, pain tolerance of an immortal" or "train 'til you puke" macho rubbish on my site. I am mainly interested in kettlebell sport performance and juggling, not just doing circus act with kettlebells (although it is fun).

Not many Johnny Benidze out there.

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