FOR SALE -  WATSON THICK GRIP BAR with Revolving Bar ends

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FOR SALE -  WATSON THICK GRIP BAR with Revolving Bar ends

Designed to take your overall strength to new levels!

Training with thick grip bars have been around for years but lately, athletes are starting to realise the huge gains that can be made, not only to grip strength, but to all over power by training with thick grip bars.

The Watson Thick Grip Bars are extremely strong yet not overly heavy so they can be used for exercises such as reverse curls as well as the usual larger compound movements.

Thick grip training recruits more muscle fibres than training with a regular bar and is also better on the joints.

This Watson Thick Grip Bar is in 2" thicknesses and is 7′ long.


Pictures upon Request as files are too big for upload on here! PLEASE ENQUIRE IN ENGLISH!


Original Price £198

My Price 1,225 DKK



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