FOR SALE -  WATSON DR TOM'S COMBO BAR with Revolving Bar ends

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FOR SALE -  WATSON DR TOM'S COMBO BAR with Revolving Bar ends

Want to directly target your Triceps without stressing your elbows?

The Watson Dr Tom's Combo Bar allows you to perform lying or seated Overhead Tricep Extensions BUT with some major advantages:

Firstly the shape of the bar allows room for your head meaning you get a far greater range of motion and more muscle fibre recruitment.

Secondly, the Neutral Grip handles mean you not only get a better contraction of the Lateral Head of the Triceps but you also minimise the stress on the elbows that often comes with this exercise.

This bar is also great for variations of Standing Bicep Curls and Even Overhead Presses.

This bar will take anything you can throw at it!


Pictures upon Request as files are too big for upload on here! PLEASE ENQUIRE IN ENGLISH!


Original Price £330

My Price 2,000 DKK



Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 19.03.51.png

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