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    Olsen reacted to Aquavand in Større arm-og-bryst muskler   
    90% sikkert, at du onanerer med den side, dit bryst er størst i.
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    Olsen reacted to incognito in You thought you were strong and in good shape...   
    Thierry, you do realize that doing 100+ reps in anything is not what most people associate with strength?
    I fully appreciate the feat and that this requires brutal stamina, but i sometimes grow really tired with the "hardcore" attitude displayed by you and certain other members of the KB community. I'd like for the different strength sport subcultures to be able to learn from, rather than frown upon, each others. Trying to make it a pissing contest does not promote this.
    and now that I'm at it, it's frequently considered bad netiquette to promote personal endeavours like blogs or companies on public parts of discussion fora (but not necessarily in personal parts, like in ones own log), especially for users that doesn't contribute that much to other parts of the the forum.
    I don't mean to demean or disrespect you or anything like that - for all I know you're probably a stand-up guy. I just share my opinion on this with you..
    By the way, good job on spreading the way of the balls of steel